Japanese drama: Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo


  • Drama: An Incurable Case of Love (English title) / Love Lasts Forever (literal title)
  • Romaji: Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Dokomademo
  • Japanese: 恋はつづくよどこまでも
  • Director: Kenta Tanaka
  • Writer: Maki Enjoji (manga), Arisa Kaneko
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: January 14, 2020 —
  • Runtime: Tuesday 22:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Nanase Sakura (Mone Kamishiraishi) is a 23-year-old rookie nurse. She met Doctor Kairi Tendo (Takeru Satoh) several years ago and fell in love with him. To meet him again, she studied hard and became a nurse. After 5 years, she finally meets Kairi Tendo again, but he has a totally different personality than what she imagined. Kairi Tendo, who is 31-years-old, is commonly referred to as the “Devil” at work. He is a level-headed perfectionist and often makes biting remarks to doctors and nurses. Nanase Sakura works hard to receive recognition from Kairi Tendo and she also expresses her feelings honestly to him. Due to her persistence, Nanase Sakura becomes well known at the hospital and she picks up the nickname of the “Warrior.” Meanwhile, Kairi Tendo becomes attracted to Nanase Sakura.


Love Lasts Forever-Mone Kamishiraishi.jpg Love Lasts Forever-Takeru Satoh.jpg Love Lasts Forever-Katsuya Maiguma.jpg Kousei Love Lasts Forever-Keisuke Watanabe.jpg
Mone Kamishiraishi Takeru Satoh Katsuya Maiguma Kousei Keisuke Watanabe (1993)

My impression

Iseng aja sih download J-drama ini. Typical shoujo, medical drama. Ceweknya kesannya terlalu muda ya… Lumayan lah utk mengisi waktu luang.


Koi Wa Tsu 480p.rar – 1.9 GB


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